WMEX is Gone

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Mon Jun 2 21:57:38 EDT 2008

WKHL 106.5 won't be selling anytime locally, there won't even be any local
studios. EMF/KLove don't do the pay for play thing.

However, listening to the last 80 minute aircheck, I had to almost throw up
at how much KLove/EMF ass that Dennis Jackson, Gary James and crew were
kissing.. it's unbeleiveable they actually beleived any of the crap they
were saying.

Now, I should say, I respect Dennis as a broadcaster, he is a genius and a
good business person.. and Gary James is a good radio guy.

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 9:45 PM, Kevin Vahey <> wrote:

> While we can lament the format change of another station to religious
> programming there is no getting around the fact that it is highly
> profitable for the license holder.
> Organizations can tell their followers they need more money to spread
> the word and the station owner happily sells the time.
> When I was young WHDH radio would sell airtime to the Mission Church
> in JP and the Red Sox on Wednesday nights would not start a home game
> until 8:30 in because the service was so widely listened to and WHDH
> and the church would not budge on the time.

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

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