WMEX is Gone

Garrett Wollman
Mon Jun 2 22:05:52 EDT 2008

<<On Mon, 02 Jun 2008 20:29:58 -0400, Richard Chonak <> said:

> I'm sorry to see a live-and-local station go, but I didn't realize that 
>   the Portsmouth area already had any religious radio stations.   When I 
> lived there in the Pleistocene era, there were none at all.  Are there a 
> few now?

At least four (two of which simulcast): WSEW/WWPC, WWNH, and now 106.5.

> Whatever the new station is, I hope it won't just be paid time all the 
> time.  :-(

EMF ("'Educational' Media 'Foundation'") doesn't do that.  EMF gulls
listeners into donating hundreds of dollars a year (if not month) to
pay for their acquisition binge.  106.5 is now running EMF's "K-Love"
satellite format, if I read the reports correctly, and they will
presumably soon ask the FCC to reclassify the station as
non-commercial so they can then apply for a main studio waiver and
make it a full satellite (no local presence at all) of whatever their
home-base station is these days.

EMF also operates a Christian rock service called "Air 1" (based, if
I'm not mistaken, out of KHRI in Hollister, California).


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