WBUR's "On Point" Expands To Two Hours On WNYC-AM

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AFAIK, WNYC (AM)'s increase to 50 kW on 830 was an application--never
a CP. The FCC shot it out of the water, and for good reason, it
appears. I'm pretty sure that WNYC proposed a diplex with WMCA for its
50 kW operation on 830, just like the one it uses on 820. Now look at
WNYC's augmented night pattern. Lotta radiation to the northwest--WAY
more than in the calculated pattern. That radiation must be the result
of re-radiation from the Pulaski Skyway bridge that abuts the
WMCA/WNYC site. WNYC's CP for 820 originally specified 5 kW-N.
However, after more than a year of playing with the pattern, WNYC's
engineers had to back off to 1 kW-N because Canada had dropped CHAM
onto 820 and with 5 kW. WNYC's extra radiation to the northwest would
have seriously interfered with the Hamilton ON station. The reduction
in night power must have necessitated a waiver of the requirement to
deliver an NIF signal to at least 80% of the population of New York
City. Were the Class IA station that WNYC had to protect been WCCO
rather than WBAP, it's unclear how the problem could have been solved.
Even a reduction to 250W would not have adequately protected WCCO;
maybe something could have been worked out by moving WNYC to the WBBR
site, which I believe was still the WNEW (AM) site at that time.

BTW, WNYC's move to 820 wiped out an application for a high-powered AM
820 on the South Shore (Weymouth or Hingham, maybe). The FCC
designated the local 820 app for a consolidated hearing with WNYC's
app. The death of the MA 820 app ultimately made way for WCRN.

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In case you didn't hear or read:  a program called "Fair Game' that
aired nightly on
WNYC-AM *820 in NYC has been cancelled.  A tape-delayed version of
WBUR's "On Point"
will be expanded to its full two-hour version starting June 2nd.  Now
anybody who
calls Tom Ashbrook during either segment can be a radio star in the
Big Apple too!

*BTW:  I have a Vane A. Jones Radio Directory that includes a cp for
boost its power to 50,000 watts on its longtime frequency of 830...why
did they
flip to 820 and jostle with WGY north of The City?

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