could I get an opinion?

Donna Halper
Sun Jul 27 16:43:44 EDT 2008

At 04:24 PM 7/27/2008, Brian Vita wrote:

>But who sets the standard?  Are they self-proclaimed or is
>there an organization that recognizes them as such.

In Israel as in America, there are seminaries that are supervised by 
the Orthodox or Hasidic board of rabbis. (The best example of this in 
America is New York's Yeshiva University, but in various parts of NY, 
there are also smaller seminaries, which are under the supervision of 
a rabbinical council)  To get in, you have to take a test, be 
formally admitted, pass your courses, etc.  They are very stringent 
at most seminaries, whether Catholic or Protestant or Jewish.  Just 
reading the Bible doesn't get a person admitted. 

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