Howie Carr elected to Radio Hall of Fame

Dave in Boston
Sun Jul 20 15:57:41 EDT 2008

>>Gee, Howie might have tried that.  If they fire him, he doesn't have
>>to work there anymore.  ;->
> Think about that :-)  Howie could EASILY get himself fired and not have to 
> work, but he doesn't !!

If Entercom thought that he was "trying to get fired"...and they thought 
that they would have to let him go, I'm SURE they would seek damages.

> I'd say that's the mark of a true professional and one of many reasons he 
> was inducted into the  Radio Hall of Fame ! ? !

True professional?  It's the mark of someone who wants to keep cashing a 

I think the only think that motivates Howie Carr is money.

> Although I don't really want to think about it, actually.  Howie is head 
> and shoulders above everything else on WRKO.

Which is not saying much...

> I'd say WRKOs best lineup was when Peter Blute did the mornings, (although 
> I did like Pat and Marjorie when they were there!!!).  Depetro did the 
> mid-day and of course Howie in the afternoon.  I don't listen to Rush.

I think the best lineup was Ted & Janet / Gene Burns / Gerry Williams / 
David Brudnoy / Larry King.

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