Like tropo--except it's AM!

Wed Jul 16 14:53:47 EDT 2008

First step: stilts! Gotta get the bottom of the base insulator well
above high tide--like 100-year high tide. The work sounds expensive.
Remember a few years back WBZ was going to replace its towers? They
went back almost to square one and reguyed them instead. Originally,
guys were connected only at two points on each tower. Apparently the
towers flexed incredibly in high winds, which must be pretty common in
Hull. I've heard that they are now guyed at four points per tower.
Presumably, the guy anchor points would be raised vertically on
concrete piers, like the anchor points for the WWZN towers in Waltham.

The coverage will probably be affected in major ways. Places that used
to get a weak signal via land will now get much stronger signals via
(too much) salt water. A very big deal, I'd say. Maybe someone will
decide that although a rising tide lifts all boats it will sink AM,
and AM radio will just disappear beneath the waves (so to speak).

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> In any event, I'm pretty confident that I can speak for Garrett,
> while
> he slumbers, by noting that this thread, while certainly
> interesting,
> is way off-topic for this list and should probably be shifted
> elsewhere sooner rather than later.

>Ok, so here's an on-topic question: What effect will global climate
>change have on radio propagation?
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That's easy...all stations, especially AM stations, whose transmitters
hard to move around, that have their towers on the coast (hereabouts
will find themselves under full fathoms of water!  That really has an
effect on

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