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Don't forget 1600, which I believe was the original brokered-time
Spanish station in this market. I know it isn't 100% Spanish but it
must be more than 80% and it would not surprise me to learn that,
thanks to its longevity, it bills more than any other Boston market
station that programs in SS. I think 1470 also runs some Spanish but
perhaps only as simulcasts of 1360.

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> <<On Fri, 29 Feb 2008 12:28:36 -0500, kvahey@comcast.net said:
>> CC has spent a fortune on this transmitter upgrade and I can not
>> see
>> them staying spanish. There just isn't the money in this market.
> I suspect that would come as a surprise to the owners of 800, 1110,
> 1150, 1230, 1300, 1330, and 1360.  (Not to mention 1200 and 1430.)
> Rumba doesn't cost that much to run, and the audience is clearly out
> there.  How much of 1200/1430's low ratings is due to the fact that
> the night signals don't serve the core of the market?  (And how much
> is due to the fact that Arbitron considers Boston a "non-Hispanic"
> market and thus doesn't go to particular effort to seek out
> Spanish-speaking panelists?)
> -GAWollman

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