WTTT-1150 improved signal northward (and 1600 is poorer)

Jim Hall aerie.ma@comcast.net
Fri Feb 29 08:38:47 EST 2008

I've noticed that too in West Andover. I never could really even hear WTTT
at night, now I can. I happened to have purchased a cc-radio AM antenna to
try to improve AM reception on my Sony HD radio about a month ago, and I
thought that was the reason. But you may be right.

>Over the past two or three weeks, the night signal of WTTT-1150 has 
become much stronger here at my location in the Pinehurst (southeast) 
section of Billerica, 8 miles due north of their Concord Ave., 
Lexington antenna site.

>This seems to have coincided with the format change from conservative 
talk to Spanish.

>Formerly at night, they'd dominate the channel but there was a fair 
amount of interference from WMRD, CKOC, CHGM, and others.

Now it's in like a ton of bricks, almost as good as the Boston 50 kW's 
with the exception of WRKO which is only 3 miles away.

I'm wondering if this is accidental or intentional.  Did the FCC allow 
some loosening of the protection towards Quebec and Ontario co-channels 

I'd think that listeners up into the Lowell and Lawrence area (about 
10-12 miles north of here) would be getting at least a passable 1150 
signal at night versus the complete rubbish they used to get.

Perhaps Dan Strassberg or one of the other facilities experts can 

The station does nothing for me now.  I wish they'd bring back the 
1961-version WCOP that I enjoyed when I was going to the Brackett 
elementary school in Arlington.  Eddy Mitchell was quite the character 
for after-school listening.

One metro-Boston signal is noticeably poorer at night here: WUNR-1600.  
I used to tune their Irish show (on one of the weeknights) 
occasionally.  The signal was far from perfect, but generally 

Over the last month or two, they are taking major grief here from WWRL 
NYC just about every night.

If they jack up their power, maybe they'll be a contender again.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA

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