Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Jon Maguire
Wed Feb 27 18:50:08 EST 2008

Jay and I went to high school (Masconomet Regional in Boxford), He also 
got me interested in broadcasting, and my Dad (the first W1MNK) sparked 
his (and my) life long interest in Ham  Radio. He graduated in 1967 and 
went to UMASS and was chief at WMUA at some point. I visited him several 
times, and spent many hours in the studios on campus. I graduated in '68 
and followed another path (like Luke and Obi Wan) to Grahm Junior 
College (anyone remember that one?). I changed my career in 1978 and 
went to IT. 30 years this April. Cue the harp chord ... "It was the best 
of times. It was the worst of times) C.Dickens 18..something.

73... Jon Maguire W1MNK Brandon FL USA

Dale H. Cook wrote:
> At 05:07 PM 2/27/2008, Jon Maguire wrote:
>> Do you remember Jay Ballard? He was in engineering at WMUA starting 
>> in '67.
> Jay was still there when I arrived at WMUA in the fall of 1969. 
> Although I was interested in on-air work, Jay found out that I was an 
> electronics hobbyist and got me involved in engineering. Although I've 
> had some announcer/engineer gigs, most of my career has been purely as 
> an engineer, and I will always be grateful to Jay for setting me on 
> that path.
> Dale H. Cook, Chief Engineer, Centennial Broadcasting, 
> Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA - WZZI / WZZU / WLNI / WLEQ

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