Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Dale H. Cook
Wed Feb 27 18:13:37 EST 2008

At 05:07 PM 2/27/2008, Jon Maguire wrote:

>Do you remember Jay Ballard? He was in engineering at WMUA starting in '67.

Jay was still there when I arrived at WMUA in the fall of 1969. 
Although I was interested in on-air work, Jay found out that I was an 
electronics hobbyist and got me involved in engineering. Although 
I've had some announcer/engineer gigs, most of my career has been 
purely as an engineer, and I will always be grateful to Jay for 
setting me on that path.

Dale H. Cook, Chief Engineer, Centennial Broadcasting, 
Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA - WZZI / WZZU / WLNI / WLEQ 

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