Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Sid Schweiger
Wed Feb 27 07:41:21 EST 2008

>>I've heard him described as damned sharp technically as well as as a
programmer and radio-business guy. Wasn't he CE at then-WBOS (AM)
before he decamped for WMEX?<<

He was the CE at WBOS.  I've heard the same thing about him.  I was told he started in engineering and got his First Class ticket (the hard way, not via a license mill).

>>For many years, I believe WMEX's CE was Ed Juaire, who built WSAR's
facilities either before or after he worked at WMEX<<

He was.  He was also the group director of engineering for the Knight Quality Stations group, and was the CE at WSAR for many years (including a short stint during which he was also the GM).  He was my first engineering mentor, and taught me a lot.

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