Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Tue Feb 26 23:27:09 EST 2008

Isn't Arnie a degreed (Northeastern, probably) Electrical Engineer?
I've heard him described as damned sharp technically as well as as a
programmer and radio-business guy. Wasn't he CE at then-WBOS (AM)
before he decamped for WMEX? Might he not also have been CE at WMEX?
For many years, I believe WMEX's CE was Ed Juaire, who built WSAR's
facilities either before or after he worked at WMEX. And somewhere in
there, wasn't Dana Puopolo CE of 1510--whatever the calls might have
been at that time? I believe that Dana was also CE of WHDH (AM) for a

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> Arnie was proud of his First Phone license and it was issued in
> Boston
> which indicates he passed the test honeslty. Many jocks back then
> went
> to the school in Sarasota, FL that had the Miami FCC office on the
> payroll.
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>> wrote:
>> > A lot of people don't know that Arnie
>> > designed and installed the new studios at 111 Broadway.
>> >
>> I would have thought that was Arnie's brother.

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