Could WLLH-AM Lawrence Have Its License Pulled?

Laurence Glavin
Tue Feb 26 16:16:53 EST 2008

Now that the rumor mill about WAMG-AM 890 is functioning again, that brings co-owned 
WLLH-AM 1400 back into the mix. For years, the Lawrence facility was never displayed
if you brought up WLLH at   But then, a bit more than a year ago, there it was, 
right along with the WLLH Lowell license.  Now, WLLH in Lawrence has been off-the-air for
months and months, maybe approaching a year.  It has been duly noted at several radio
websites that the FCC is now taking a DIM view of dark facilities, so could they tell
J-Sports either put up or shut up as far as WLLH-Lawrence is concerned?

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