Why I listen to satellite radio

bill.smith@comcast.net bill.smith@comcast.net
Tue Feb 26 14:21:39 EST 2008

I prefer satellite, mainly because earth-bound stations are run by dullards who follow each other around in circles using interchangable "talent" in interchangeable formats.   And the stop sets, badly produced, badly written and poorly executed, become a bigger and bigger turn-off as their quality declines.

This just in:

Joe Blow was today named program director of Blah-109.  Said Blow:  "I'm thrilled to have the challenge to program this heritage property and with the faith that  cluster Executive Vice President for Stations Programming Music and Hot Talk North of Delaware  Sally Weasel has placed in me as we move to the next level.  It has always been my dream to work at Blah-109 and now I'm getting the opportunity.  With  Sally and the support of MediaCoCorpIncLimitedCom, I'll know we'll give Pottstown exciting radio"  Formerly with MegaStationMonopolyCorp's Dull-87 in Dubuque prior to its recent flip to PowerLighteningTower-87,    Blow is a 2005 graduate of Pottstown Regional Vocational High School.   Weasel, named to her post last  year after 5 months in sales at sister station Septic-101, said  "When we did our market analysis and focus groups we knew we needed someone strong and dynamic who could put us over the top and I knew in our first meeting that Joe was the guy who can really take Bla
h-109  and make it a core property in our North of Delaware cluster segment operational format group." Blow replaces market vet Sterling Silvertongue who resigned suddenly this morning to pursue his lifelong dream of selling voice-overs on the Internet.  Weasel added that no changes in air staff are contemplated.

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