Why I listen to satellite radio

Steve Ordinetz hykker@wildblue.net
Tue Feb 26 13:23:00 EST 2008

"Maureen Carney" wrote:

> Funny thing - when I worked at WMRC in Milford, MA there were a group of
> people who thought the satellite programming hours were local and the
> local people were actually on the bird!

I ran into a similar thing when I was half the airstaff at what was then
WNHQ in Peterborough, N.H. in the early 90s.  We ran satellite programming
outside of drivetimes (and crudely automated at that...for network drops
we had 3 cart machines: one with generic liners, one with legal ID and
another with the weather...no attempt to utilize the network jocks voices
in magic calls.  Stopsets were manually constructed on a reel).  We would
often get requests for the mid-day jock (satellite) to do either
appearances or voice spots.  Another time I took a call from a very irate
listener because the dj was talking about the Grammys (or some other
national entertainment story), but made no mention of the fact that
driving was bad.  She had no idea (and really didn't care) that the jock
was in Chicago or Denver or somewhere.

Fact of the matter is that while we, as radio geeks may be aware of
voicetracking or syndication, the vast majority of listeners do not.  The
only time they notice is when we talk about something that happened last
week or are totally unaware of a major local event.

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