Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Laurence Glavin
Mon Feb 25 16:09:31 EST 2008

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>As for "Music Till Dawn," it went on the air in 1953, sponsored by 
>American Airlines, and the CBS network was where the show seemed to 
>be, based on all of my files... WBZ had Jerry & Sky in 1953. 
>"Music Till Dawn" was cancelled in 1969 and the critics in just 
>about every market where the show had run were very very very upset 
>by that. According to a couple of program guides I found from 
>1954, it absolutely was on WEEI at that time. It also ran on WCBS, 
>which you could certainly hear in Boston late at night.

I don't know in which month of 1969 "Music Till Dawn" disappeared, but
WCRB, which was then a classical-music station, chose to go to a 24-hour-a-day 
operation in the subsequent year, 1970.  Richard L. Kaye made the announcement 
during his annual Beethoven's Birthday Party, that year, the Great One's 200th
(Ludwig, not Richard).

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