Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Doug Drown
Sun Feb 24 19:26:57 EST 2008

Of what Hildreths are we speaking?   Gov. Horace Hildreth and family who 
owned broadcasting stations in Maine (and still own WABI-TV)?   -Doug

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> At 04:13 PM 2/24/2008, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>>Not QUITE so fast there, Donna:
> Well, I didn't know it was a contest, Dan!  ;-)
> Dan also wrote--
>>After mulling this for a while, I
>>suddenly remembered that the name of the WLAW licensee was Hildreth
>>and Rogers. At least that's what I thought. Could I have imagined the
> No, not at all.  You are correct that the company was originally Hildreth 
> and Rogers.  But by the time WLAW came onto the scene, it was the Rogers 
> family (led by Alexander Rogers and then his son Irving Rogers) who were 
> the most directly involved with radio. Every story in the newspapers, 
> including in the Eagle and Tribune papers, spoke of the Rogers family's 
> commitment to radio broadcasting.  The Hildreths?  Not so much. 

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