Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Donna Halper
Sun Feb 24 16:27:23 EST 2008

At 04:13 PM 2/24/2008, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>Not QUITE so fast there, Donna:

Well, I didn't know it was a contest, Dan!  ;-)

Dan also wrote--
>After mulling this for a while, I
>suddenly remembered that the name of the WLAW licensee was Hildreth
>and Rogers. At least that's what I thought. Could I have imagined the

No, not at all.  You are correct that the company was originally 
Hildreth and Rogers.  But by the time WLAW came onto the scene, it 
was the Rogers family (led by Alexander Rogers and then his son 
Irving Rogers) who were the most directly involved with radio. Every 
story in the newspapers, including in the Eagle and Tribune papers, 
spoke of the Rogers family's commitment to radio broadcasting.  The 
Hildreths?  Not so much.

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