Music Till Dawn on WEEI

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Not QUITE so fast there, Donna: After mulling this for a while, I
suddenly remembered that the name of the WLAW licensee was Hildreth
and Rogers. At least that's what I thought. Could I have imagined the
Hildreths? I Googled Hildreth and Rogers with quotes around it and lo,
I got five hits, all of which referred to newspapers and three of
which, including the first, referred to WLAW. So I can't argue about
the Rogers family and its connection to newspapers in Lawrence and
WLAW but Hildreths were apparently also involved. My mind doesn't
always play tricks on me. Now, were the Hildreths minority
shareholders? Did their name come first in the corporate name because
H comes before R in the alphabet? Could be. Sometimes, however, the
name that comes first holds a majority interest.

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>>Dan wrote--
>>I have read, however, that before it acquired 590, CBS had tried to
>>buy 680 because it was known even then that a power increase to 50
>>would be possible. I think I read that CBS and the then owners of
>>(the Hildreth family??) thought they had a deal at one point but the
>>deal fell through, at which point CBS struck the deal to buy 590.
> Couple of things here.  Much of Dan's recollection is accurate, but
> the folks who owned WLAW and the Eagle-Tribune were the Rogers
> family, who ultimately decided it was too expensive to run a radio
> station and sold it off (they had put it on the air in December of
> 1937)
> As for "Music Till Dawn," it went on the air in 1953, sponsored by
> American Airlines, and the CBS network was where the show seemed to
> be, based on all of my files...  WBZ had Jerry & Sky in 1953.
> "Music
> Till Dawn" was cancelled in 1969 and the critics  in just about
> every
> market where the show had run were very very very upset by
> that.  According to a couple of program guides I found from 1954, it
> absolutely was on WEEI at that time.  It also ran on WCBS, which you
> could certainly hear in Boston late at night.

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