Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Doug Drown
Sat Feb 23 22:48:32 EST 2008

Didn't the falling-through of this deal have something to do with the FCC's 
revocation, after several years, of the NBC-Westinghouse swap of their 
Philly and Cleveland stations?  That was a rather complicated state of 
affairs, as I recall.  The swap was made in the late '50s and Westinghouse 
complained afterward that NBC had forced them into it.  The FCC eventually 
stepped in and reversed it.  It sticks in my mind that NBC's proposed 
purchase of WNAC was wrapped up in that mess somehow.   Does anyone know the 

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> On 23 Feb 2008 at 19:28, Scott Fybush wrote:
>> And here's a bit of oft-forgotten trivia: NBC almost did a deal with
>> RKO General in the early sixties to acquire WNAC AM-FM-TV. I think RKO
>> would have ended up with WRC AM-FM-TV in Washington in exchange.
> I remember reading about that in the paper.  It came about the same
> time that WHDH-TV switched from ABC to CBS.
>> Had that happened, WNAC would have become an NBC O&O. One wonders what
>> would have happened to WBZ-TV - would Westinghouse have automatically
>> gone with the #2 network, CBS? Or would the company, which fancied
>> itself (not without cause) to be a network unto itself, have
>> considered affiliating with ABC, which would probably have been much
>> more tolerant of the frequent pre-emptions for local programming that
>> Westinghouse was wont to do?
> With WHDH-TV just signed on as a CBS affiliate, the speculation in
> the Boston papers at the time was that WBZ would become an ABC
> affiliate.  I think I wrote a humorous program about it, which may
> have been published in the high school newspaper.
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