Subject: Voice-over Flubs
Sat Feb 23 21:00:02 EST 2008

Dale was completely insaneon that early Monday shift. I used to stay
up to catch it.
I remember he hit it off with the Portland DJ  and let the WLOB guy
intro records every week.

Dale also let another small town announcer from Woonsocket on who
Donna should remember from WNEU. At Northeastern he was known as
Wacksee...and he wound up running the most fleabag radio station I
ever saw WNRI. They didn't even have cart machines but ran commercials
with a Gates dictobelt system which had to be seen to believe. The
jock had to move the head to the correct slot.

I can't remember his name and I think I recall that he passed many years ago..

Donna has to know of who I speak

On 2/23/08, Mark Laurence <> wrote:
> The way I remember it, Dale Dorman would sign on a half hour early on Monday
> after WRKO did its weekly testing, at 5:30. He took the opportunity to play
> his favorite music, one top 40 rocker after another, and hit every post with
> screaming ad lib talk-ups.  It was great! I'd wake up early every Monday
> morning just to listen.
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> Kvahey wrote:
> One amusing byproduct of this occurred on WRKO. Dorman had to come in
> at 5AM to sign the station on and he was not a happy camper about it.
> He deliberately broke format and for months turned WRKO into a
> simulcast of WLOB in Portland letting the morning man there by the
> name of Schnieder loose on WRKO until 6. It was hysterical.

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