Subject: Voice-over Flubs

Mark Laurence
Sat Feb 23 17:54:54 EST 2008

The way I remember it, Dale Dorman would sign on a half hour early on Monday after WRKO did its weekly testing, at 5:30. He took the opportunity to play his favorite music, one top 40 rocker after another, and hit every post with screaming ad lib talk-ups.  It was great! I'd wake up early every Monday morning just to listen.  

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Kvahey wrote:

One amusing byproduct of this occurred on WRKO. Dorman had to come in
at 5AM to sign the station on and he was not a happy camper about it.
He deliberately broke format and for months turned WRKO into a
simulcast of WLOB in Portland letting the morning man there by the
name of Schnieder loose on WRKO until 6. It was hysterical. 

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