Is this the end of Sporting News Radio?

Kevin Vahey
Sat Feb 23 14:56:25 EST 2008

The part time affilate of SNR Radio in Chicago is dropping it in March
and switching to a network I thought died 10 years ago...Ron Barr's
Sports Byline ( which was on WEEI back in the 590 days )  The Barr
show will air on tape delay on WSCR at 1 AM.

This network has been on borrowed time for a year since they left
Chicago and relocated to Santa Monica. Losing Tony Bruno in December
because they could not afford to pay him may have been the final

Speaking of defunct sports networks does anybody know where Tom Star
might be today? He built his Sumner-Callahan Radio Network into a
decent national sports outlet but he had a problem with paychecks that

Of course the person who built that network landed nicely on his feet
at Entercom...Jason Wolfe.

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