Voice-over Flubs

Todd Glickman radio88@radio88.net
Fri Feb 22 07:32:54 EST 2008

This isn't strictly Boston radio-related, but since we've all flubbed 
on-air (well, at least I have -- such as the "mixture of slouds and 
clun"), I thought I'd relate the story.

Last night I was on "infinite hold" waiting for H-P service to pick 
up.  There was a woman's voice doing promotional announcements, that 
played over and over.  One of the announcements required saying an HP 
Web site, with a very long URL.  In mid-URL, she flubbed, and cleared 
her throat, then picked it up at the beginning of the URL.  I heard 
this at least ten times while on hold!  (And after finally talking to 
Manila for two hours, I have a new printhead coming for my printer. 
I thought about telling the agent about the voiceover flub, but 
figured that since he had a hard enough time understanding that my 
printer's printhead failed, it would be to no avail...)
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