6 million may lose digital TV reception

kvahey@comcast.net kvahey@comcast.net
Thu Feb 21 18:45:59 EST 2008

It just shows the general confusion over this. I can almost guarantee
that some consumers will buy the new converter thinking they have to
when their cable box will do it for them.

About a month ago Comcast announced another scheme to connect TV to
the cable. I am not sure if this is a variation of CableCard or yet
another format. Comcast did say they want to eliminate the box
completely. The Motorola boxes are their biggest problem systemwide as
they fail at an alarming rate.

I have the Tivo Comcast interface and it was comical at how much
manpower was used to set it up. They had to send someone to the house
to switch my HD box DVR from the 6000 series to the 3000 and then
download the Tivo GUI.

It took 2 hours.

On 2/21/08, A. Joseph Ross <Joe@attorneyross.com> wrote:
> On 21 Feb 2008 Kevin Vahey wrote:
> > Then how are you getting 242?   Analog boxes only go to 99 and most
> > sets 125
> I have a digital cable box.  I thought you were referring to the
> digital converters that will be necessary to get off-the-air signals
> next year.
> Comcast nagged me until I made an appointment for them to install a
> digital box.  It didn't change my bill any.
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