Talkers Magazine Heavy 100

Wed Feb 20 18:15:06 EST 2008

NPR got shafted even worse! Maybe Terri Gross didn't make the list at
all (I didn't see her even below the top 100) because she doesn't take
phonecalls on the air. Diane Rehm (not heard in Boston, AFAIK) was on
the list however. And CarTalk was the very last program on the entire
list of 250. Is that because CarTalk is on for only one hour a week? I
bet that CarTalk gets more listeners and a higher cumulative TSL than
quite a few of the programs within the top 100. It's an extremely
popular show and raises a big part of the money that listeners donate
each year to NPR affiliates.

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> It's not really all that surprising.  Talkers is skewed to a very
> conservative audience, and issue oriented talk is what they deal
> with  primarily.  Sports talk personalities got the short straw on
> this  list, along with progressive talkers.  Many mid and lower
> level  conservative talkers rated higher than the highest sports
> talker,  Mike and the Mad Dog.  I mean, Mancow and Mark Levin in the
> top 15?   Really?  And Opie & Anthony #17, despite losing just about
> all their  major affiliates in the last year?  That's ridiculous.
> In many  markets, sports talk stations have much higher power ratios
> and make  more money than their traditional talk counterparts.
> Sports  personalities like Ordway and Mike & Mike should have placed
> much  higher on that list, as sports seems to be the trend in talk
> radio in  general.  Ordway beats Carr regularly in both ratings and
> revenue,  and if you think Carr and Dennis & Callahan fetched big
> bucks when  their contracts came up for renewal, just wait for the
> payday the Big  O is going to get when his deal ends later this
> year.  While I detest  D&C, they should have made this list.  Sure
> they talk sports, but  they also spew plenty of the right wing hate
> Talkers seems to find so  endearing.  They are much more
> "influential" than some two-bit local  conservatalker in a medium
> market.
> -Dave Tomm
> "Mike Thomas"
> On Feb 20, 2008, at 11:23 AM, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>> Talkers Magazine has once again ranked who they consider the Top
>> 100
>> talk show hosts in the US. All the usual windbags are listed.
>> I find how they rank the Boston market shows of interest
>> They rank Howie Carr at 51, Jay Severin at 53, Glenn Ordway at 91
>> and
>> Dan Yorke at 93.
>> I am a little suprised at where Ordway is ranked given his ratings
>> and
>> how much revenue he brings in to Entercom.

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