WBZ's historical signal in VT

Martin Waters martinjwaters@yahoo.com
Sun Feb 17 10:37:47 EST 2008

--- "Dan.Strassberg" <dan.strassberg@att.net> wrote:

> There is NO MORE 750-mile nighttime-coverage radius
> for ND Class
> As--if there ever was one! At one point, the FCC may
> have been talking
> about such a radius but AFAIK, it was never
> codified.

    I saw a statement recently on the internet (where
we know ALL information is ALWAYS accurate!) that I
believe referenced the idea that the 750-mile radius
was a simple-simon approximation of the 0.1/mv/50
percent skywave.

   Whatever the protection is supposed to be, it's
somehow related to the strength of the skywave signal.
Case in point is KYW, which nulls toward Boston,
allowing WBIX to get on at night, even though it's
only, what, 250-300 miles from Philadelphia. 

   And, regarding the destruction of skywave reception
as a result of the HD signals, I can't say I've heard
any of that.

   Perhaps I described the interference to WBZ in
north-central Connecticut poorly. It was a classic
case of some interfering signal fading in and fading

    Just Friday night in Waltham, I was getting WWL,
weak but more or less steady, for the few minutes I
left it on. This winter I've heard WHO in the mush, as

    I listened to WBBM for awhile the night of the
killings at Northern Illinois University.

    BTW, they took a news conference from the campus
live for around 30 minutes -- and the anchor didn't
even jump in every few minutes to say the call letters
and what the programming was. He only came on for the
legal ID. I thought that was quite unusual. But I

    My point is, the only interference I was getting
on 780 was the usual c&w station in the Maritimes that
I figure is always on with its daytime signal. But I'm
sure it will be gone for good sooner rather than
later, anyway.

    Meanwhile, I love my CCRadio. I can listen to WCBS
in Waltham by tuning it to 878 kHZ -- thus losing the
splash from the local 890. 


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