An Appreciation of Jess Cain

Sat Feb 16 11:11:18 EST 2008

I, like many on this list, didn't start listening to Jess Cain until the '75
format change.  For me, it was long after the change.  My mother had become
an 'HDH listener, and he'd be on her kitchen radio in the morning.  I found
that Jess would fly off onto these little, theatrical tangents - very early
in the morning.  It was surreal to hear this stuff through my pre-coffee
haze.  He had, what appeared to be, conversations with Frank Purdue during a
Purdue commercial.  It seemed to go on for minutes, and Frank seemed to
respond to every one of Jess' cues.  And just as Mr. Purdue left the studio,
we'd hear a crack of the whip and a torrent of clucking chickens appeared to
be herded out of the studio.  I had to wonder if these had been ad-libbed or
carefully scripted.

There were also the legendary commercials with "The Window Boys."  They
appeared to enter the studio for their commercial, and the sound of breaking
glass was everywhere.  It was, again, a real production.

And those "Horror-scopes!"


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I suspect that since Jess' audience for years were the parents of the
boomers that may explain it. As I wrote last night I didn't start
listening to HDH outside of sports until they changed format around

That said I now regret the wasted mornings listening to Al Gates and
Feathers and then Dale Dorman.

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