An Appreciation of Jess Cain

Doug Drown
Fri Feb 15 19:03:16 EST 2008

WHDH didn't have much of an audience, I suspect, out Fitchburg way; our
region was on the fringe of its signal.  Nevertheless, as a teen I sometimes
listened to Jess' morning show, but chiefly as a segue to Jim Runyon, whom I
remember best from his syndicated "Chickenman" shtick: a very funny takeoff
on Batman.  Jess had a warm humor and a very pleasant show.  The type of
music played wasn't my thing (at the time), but I knew he had a loyal
following among my parents' generation.   -Doug

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> I suspect that since Jess' audience for years were the parents of the
> boomers that may explain it. As I wrote last night I didn't start
> listening to HDH outside of sports until they changed format around
> 1975.
> That said I now regret the wasted mornings listening to Al Gates and
> Feathers and then Dale Dorman.

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