CD 101.9 is gone forever

Paul Hopfgarten
Tue Feb 12 04:53:15 EST 2008

Or HD-2's....

I would guess that if WQCD has an Hd-2 signal that they would place the SJ
format on that signal...

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

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Along with WNUA, WVMV/Detroit, KIFM/San Diego, KTWV in LA, KKSF/San  
Francisco and WLVE/Miami continue to bill well and bring in desirable  
demos.  However, these are all heritage smooth jazz stations with  
established audiences in markets that are condusive to the format.   
There are fewer and fewer of these stations around anymore.    
Philadelphia used to be solid SJ market, but not so much anymore.   
The latest incarnation of the format on 97.5 has struggled in the  
ratings with the Personal People Meter.  Same goes for KHJZ in  
Houston, the other test PPM market.  That station is rumored to be  
contemplating a format change as well.  While WQCD was a decent  
smooth jazzer, it always struggled in the ratings and was never  
considered one of the top smooth jazz stations in the industry,  
despite being located in the top market in the country.  The format  
is slowly dying on terrestrial radio, and outside of a handful of  
successful stations, more than likely the only place you'll find this  
music in the future is online or on satellite.

-Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On Feb 11, 2008, at 12:14 PM, Kevin Vahey wrote:
> The one station I can think of that thrives with 'smooth jazz' is  
> WNUA in
> Chicago.

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