Sirius and XM

Nickolas Noseworthy
Wed Feb 6 20:17:56 EST 2008

Having Sirius myself in my car, I mostly use it for the music side, occasionally flipping to it when one of my fm's is in commercial. Being in southern NH, there is a huge variety of stations to choose from, so I leave it in the car for trips and such. The signal isn't that great anyway, and the sound is mediocre. Being a DX'er, at the house I have a roof antenna with rotator and a boston acoustics HD radio, and the amount of stations I can receive far beats any satellite network. The sound is far better, and when its in HD its like listening to a cd. Bringing in Portland, Boston, Hartford, Springfield, Albany, Rutland, North Conway, and everything in between gives me pretty much any genre at any time. Especially with multicasting. And when there's good trop, and the even better e-skip, its a listeners paradise! Sports and talk are covered on AM, turning two wires that run from the radio, up the wall, and across the length of the roof into lots of AM stations in HD! CT, NYC, Philli, Baltimore, and NC are a few states that have AM stations that come in almost consistently at night. The HD signal can be tough on the AM side sometimes, but it doesn't impede on the listening pleasure one bit!
Now back to my point: if you have the right equipment, and really want to get all you can without paying a constant monthly fee, the way to go is still terrestrial radio. Untill they make the satellite signal stronger (so it doesn't fade when you pass under things that seem to not exist), and better sounding, I feel its not a strong contender to regular radio. If I'm being naive, please put me in my place. 
Now as soon as I can get an HD receiver for my car, Sirius goes out the window.... 
-Nick N
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