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The home announcers only doesn't bother me - the Extra Innings package usually runs the same way. I want to get in out of town teams that are now either on inferior signals, FM or being blocked out by IBOC - Mets, Pirates, Phillies, Yankees, Indians. Once there was a time I could get each one of them on a 50K (usually clear channel) AM signal.

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Maureen, one thing about getting XM for MLB Baseball coverage: they use 
the announcers from the home team of whatever field they're at.  So you 
hear Red Sox announcers when the game is at Fenway, but Blue Jays 
announcers when the game is at Toronto or Yankees announcers when the 
game's at New York.

That was the deciding factor for me to pass on XM and live with mediocre 
skywave from WTIC 1080AM here in the Finger Lakes.  It ain't great, but 
it beats paying $13/mo to hear announcers that I loathe for half the season.

I did write to XM about it and was pleasantly surprised to get a 
response.  The bottom line was they couldn't afford to devote enough 
channels to have the team's announcers on for every game, and couldn't 
do it for some teams and not others without getting slapped with bad 
publicity.  I don't begrudge them that, but it doesn't change my 
decision to not buy the service.

If you have an internet-enabled cellphone, you might be able to pay for 
internet access to the games and listen to them that way...but of course 
it'll mean dropouts as you move around and signal levels change.

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