WCAP transition (was: Buzz Knight talks about changes at 92.9)

Bill O'Neill billohno@gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 06:54:30 EST 2008

Roger Kirk wrote:
> Find the one with the most music and the least talk.  Have no loyalty.
> From my limited observations, it would appear that Hispanic Radio does 
> not yet suffer from this problem.

Neither does Talk.  I have to admit that I am a bit biased when it comes 
to WCAP, but what is becoming a bit of a 'hybrid' or full-service local 
station seems to have good calculus behind it.  With a jockless niche 
music format during selected dayparts, there is some branding going on 
that can be played around with on the schedule. With local news/talk 
that is more of a broad-spectrum (versus straight politics) there is 
wider appeal in the car.  (Now that WCAP is streaming audio), I am 
noticing some flexibility with displacing bird-fed talk with local, as 

I have heard of the death of full-service, local, AM, etc. on this list 
for over 10 years (yikes) but for some reason I've never hopped in the 
sack on that one. It may still be 'too soon to tell' to borrow a phrase 
from politics, but with the manner in which some signals are being 
slowly morphed to MP3 players, someone out there will need to pick up 
the slack - the demand by listeners for an aural option that relates to 
the town square. 

Bill O'Neill

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