Buzz Knight talks about changes at 92.9

Laurence Glavin
Tue Feb 5 17:32:05 EST 2008

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>Subject: Buzz Knight talks about changes at 92.9
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> The reason for the change? Arbitron's Portable People Meters indicate
> that as soon as a jock starts talking, listeners bail out. PPM is
> still a year away in Boston.

>Clearly, Modern American Radio has trained its listeners well. Since
>the only mike sets at most music stations are followed immediately by
>a stop set, it's only natural that listeners should automatically tune
>out as soon as the "talent" starts talking.


I'd hate to be a sales representative for a station whose manager said that as
soon as a human speaking voice is heard, away goes the audience!  If that goes for DJ's,
how about COMMERCIALS!  

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