WRGB is back!

Doug Drown revdoug1@verizon.net
Sun Feb 3 06:27:04 EST 2008

This is the point I've been making for a long time.  People in the Capital
District (and many elsewhere) know WRGB.  They know Channel 6, Schenectady.
So why not call it WRGB 6 (wrgb6.com) or something similar?  It's not an
Albany station; it's never been identified with Albany in its whole 80-year
history.  And the "CBS6" thing, IMHO, is a diminution of history.  CBS found
that out in Boston, didn't they?  (Whatever happened to "CBS4"?)


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> On 2 Feb 2008 at 12:58, Larry Weil wrote:
> > I believe they can use anything they want for the URL of their web
> > site, that is not something the FCC licenses.
> I understand that.  But why would they use cbs6albany.com?  When I
> told my browser to go to wrgb.com, that's what it was redicected to.
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