The future of AM radio

Kevin Vahey
Sat Feb 2 21:37:37 EST 2008

On Feb 2, 2008 1:09 PM, Martin Waters <> wrote:

>     Meanwhile, those tall towers, I suppose, deliver a
> helluva skywave signal to the Grand Banks or someplace
> out there.

I have heard 850 in the daytime in Newfoundland

>     Just another of the many places that make me
> wonder why the owners thought 850 was such a big
> improvement over 590. For example, on the South Shore,
> Marshfield, Plymouth, etc., 590 is clear and strong at
> night and 850 is shaky. Sometimes I think they just
> got caught up in the size-matters thing -- 50 kW must
> be better than 5 kW. And they could have added all
> simulcast stations they have now if they stayed on
> 590.
>     Someday maybe I'll rent a boat so I can compare
> the night signals on the Grand Banks ...  :)

The late Mac Richmond said it best.....50,000 watts looks better on a
rate card to some buyer in New York.

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