The future of AM radio

Sid Schweiger
Sat Feb 2 13:44:13 EST 2008

>>if the FCC follows through with allowing IBOC on at nighttimes<<

"If" is no longer the issue.  IBOC-AM at night has been authorized since
September 14th, 2007.

>>Why protect someone in Denver if you're trashing other closer stations
two adjacent frequencies either side?<<

The resulting interference has already caused one major group owner,
Citadel, to order IBOC-AM operations to cease during nighttime hours. 
Reportedly there were complaints that WJR was interfering with Cox's
WSB, with further reports of interference between WJR and WABC...both of
these adjacent-channel situations.  Bob Savage, the owner of a
stand-alone AM on 1040 kHz in Avon NY (outside Rochester) is claiming
destructive interference from WBZ's IBOC signal, 351 miles away, during
nighttime hours, and has filed an application with the FCC to order WBZ
to turn it off at night.

>>I am also surprised that Entercom has kept the Needham land as real
estate in that area is now gold. I know they were looking at moving to
the WRKO site in Burlington but nothing has come of that.<<

You're surprised that we kept a place to transmit from?  What were we
supposed to do?  We all know that finding enough land to build a
directional antenna system in an overbuilt metropolitan area like Boston
is pretty much impossible.  Sure, we'd get a hefty bundle from selling
the land in time.  WEEI bills in the millions per
year...every year.  I don't claim to speak for the company, but selling
that land makes no sense unless the station isn't earning its keep, and
WEEI is not nearly in that category.

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