The future of AM radio

Roger Kolakowski
Sat Feb 2 13:24:59 EST 2008

An interesting question becomes...if the FCC follows through with allowing
IBOC on at nighttimes and the industry utilizes the opportunity under the
guise that "Local Coverage" is AM radio's "mission," should all these
carefully designed antenna patterns protecting stations well across the
country, be scrapped?

Why protect someone in Denver if you're trashing other closer stations on
two adjacent frequencies either side?

Just wondering...


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> To the pattern gurus out there. I understand WEEI's pattern was
> designed to protect KOA Denver but it was also designed in the 1940's
> when the population west of Natick was sparse compared to now.
> Couldn't it be tweaked so night coverage in northern Middlesex county
> be improved? It is frustrating to hear Mike Adams fighting over the
> mighty fulltime day signal from Pan Yam whatever in upstate NY
> I doubt it could be improved west of Framingham because of Denver but
> certainly it could be improved to the northwest unless I am missing
> something.
> I am also surprised that Entercom has kept the Needham land as real
> estate in that areais now gold. I know they were looking at moving to
> the WRKO site in Burlington but nothing has come of that.

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