Scary news about the analog TV phaseout!
Fri Feb 1 20:15:15 EST 2008

It is grey in the sense he is paying ExpressVu for service that he
should not be able to get. Black market he wouldn't be paying anything
after buying hardware like the old cable boxes.

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> OK, define the difference between a "grey" market and a black market
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> -Derry NH
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> I have a friend who lives about as far 'downeast' as you can get in
> the coastal town of Addison, ME. He has a Channel Master rotor antenna
> setup and he can get a snowy signal from channels 2 and 5 in Bangor
> and nothing from 7. Yet DirecTV says Addison gets a Grade A signal for
> 7 and Grade B for 2. He can't get Portland stations from DirecTV
> either. Bangor still isn't uplinked.
> So now he has both DirecTV and a grey market ExpressVu from Bell
> Canada. With the canadian dish he gets all the Boston stations. He
> doesn't like paying for 2 services especially with one being illegal
> but was forced to do it. How can Bangor with 3 VHF outlets still not
> get uplinked? One would think the Bangor outlets would agree to pay
> DirecTV or Dish for coverage to reach all of northern Maine.

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