Battery Powered TVs

Larry Weil
Fri Feb 1 18:35:54 EST 2008

At 06:25 PM 2/1/2008, wrote:

>As a resident of hurricane prone South Florida, I am going to miss  the life
>line that battery powered black and white TVs  provided.   During Hurricane
>Wilma in 2005, my home had no power for  two weeks.   The emergency 
>from the local Miami TV stations  were invaluable in keeping local residents
>informed.   After  February of next year, that life line will disappear.   I
>have not  heard anyone discuss this concern.  How long will it be until cheap
>battery  operated digital TVs will be  available?

If you have a laptop computer you can currently get a hybrid (analog 
+ DTV) receiver that plugs into a USB jack and is about the size of a 
flash drive.  These are often on sale for about $80.  Just make sure 
you have a means of charging the laptop's battery from your car power.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH 

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