Scary news about the analog TV phaseout!

Scott Fybush
Fri Feb 1 18:09:29 EST 2008 wrote:
> The big losers in this will be the night watchmen and parking lot
> attendants who have a little 5 inch b&w tv. I can't see themselves
> getting a decoder. I suspect my tiny CASIO color tv will meet the same
> fate.

I can't see those sets being hooked up to decoders, either...but given 
how cheap both the DTV tuner chips and small LCD displays have become, 
inexpensive replacements should be available soon.

> My only fault with the government program is sending out coupons that
> expire before the boxes are even available.

Several reports on the WTFDA TV/FM DX list suggest some Wal-Mart stores 
already have the boxes on the shelves in Indianapolis and other areas. 
Let's see how quickly the distribution gets out there. Keep in mind the 
coupons haven't even been issued yet. If they stick to the initial plan 
to distribute them starting 2/18/08, expiration won't be till mid-May. A 
lot can happen between now and then.


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