Licensed to non-actual locations

Larry Weil
Fri Feb 1 17:01:26 EST 2008

At 10:32 AM 2/1/2008, Scott Fybush wrote:

>There are a handful of US radio stations that target primarily 
>Canadian audiences - WTOR Youngstown NY, a daytimer on 770 directly 
>across Lake Ontario from Toronto, is one; WCHL 760 Champlain NY, 
>south of Montreal, is another - and as long as they meet their US 
>regulatory responsibilities (main studio, public file, EAS, legal 
>ID), the FCC doesn't care where their programming is aimed.

There are (or were) a couple of stations (FM & TV) north of Seattle, 
I think licensed to Bellingham, WA, that are/were targeting audiences 
in the Vancouver, BC area.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH 

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