WALE and KPPC Window Studios

David Tomm nostaticatall@charter.net
Fri Feb 1 09:15:19 EST 2008

WBSM and WFHN are still in the strip mall on the main drag in Fairhaven 
right off 195.  When I worked there years ago there was a yogurt shop 
next door, so you would get kids coming over peering through the glass. 
  There was a sizable amount of window space, so there were vertical 
blinds that you could close if you so chose.  I normally worked with 
them open but quite a few of the jocks there would close them during 
their shifts.

When I first started at WILI-AM/FM in Willimantic, CT in the late 80's 
they had window studios right on Main Street.  It was always 
entertaining doing late nights when the biker bar a few doors down 
would let out for the night.  You always got a floor show--Fistfights, 
creative urination, etc. When they moved to their present location down 
the street, the studios moved to the basement.  But there's still 
windows that look out, and the sidewalk is a good 10 feet above the 
window line.  There is a low embankment leading from the street to the 
studio windows, so you still get the natural light (or dark) but you're 
not looking right out into the street.  The windows are tinted so it's 
difficult to see in during the day, but at night you can look down into 
the studios from the sidewalk.  Unlike WFHN, there are no blinds on 
those windows so anyone who walks by can see in at night.

Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On Jan 31, 2008, at 11:37 PM, Russ Butler wrote:

> There was (maybe still is?) a storefront studio at WALE 990AM in 
> downtown Providence, RI  The call letters came from when the station 
> was licensed to New Bedford, MA originally, I think for "The Whaling 
> City."   There was usually a crowd peering in the sidewalk window at 
> night during the gay-lesbian show (....they brokered time at WALE, 
> anyone could be on the air who purchased time).
> Also, KPPC 1240AM in Pasadena CA  had a storefront studio on Colorado 
> Boulevard.  The station had legendary calls since 1924, formed as a 
> part time broadcaster of the Pasadena Presbyterian Church  only to air 
> services all day Sundays and Wednesday nights. (It is now dark).  They 
> also had an FM station at 106.7 which has been sold and is now a rock 
> station in LA.

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