Arbitron's sampling methodology isFARmoreimportantthanMrorMrsDePetro's misdeeds

Dan Billings
Sat Aug 23 17:15:42 EDT 2008

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isFARmoreimportantthanMrorMrsDePetro's misdeeds

> enough.  the character assasinations are absurdly disturbing.
> and the same goes for the "other" Dan - who seems to think he had a 20 
> year career in broadcasting.  he was around or affiliated with radio, but 
> was not full-time employed for 20 years in radio.
> Do not pretend to think you know all and everything about me or my 
> professional peers.

Yes, I only worked full-time in radio for 8 years and the rest was 
part-time.  I do not claim to have comprehensive knowledge and am only 
commenting from my personal experience.  In my time in the business, I saw 
management do things on a regular basis that I could not imagine doing as an 
employer.  And I saw behavior by employees tolerated that would get people 
fired in most professions.

Though I met and worked with many great people in radio, there is a sleaze 
factor present with many of the people who work in broadcasting that is more 
apparent to me as I am more distant from the business.  And when I say this, 
I am thinking of management and sales, not just the folks that are on-air.

Now the other two professions that I have worked in -- law and politics --  
are certainly subject to jokes and comments that would fit with what you 
call "character assassinations ."  I don't take every lawyer joke 

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