Arbitron's sampling methodology is FARmoreimportantthanMrorMrsDePetro's misdeeds

Don A
Sat Aug 23 13:45:51 EDT 2008

>> However, typically, they have been pretty accurate.
> True.  But I do not think the comparison to radio ratings is valid.  It is 
> one thing to ask people who they voted for minutes after they voted.  It 
> is another thing entirely to track radio listening through self-reporting.

Like voting, most people like to feel their input matters, and like telling 
who they like or don't it in politics or media.

99.99% of the population do not have any ulterior motive beyond telling 
arbitron who they like and don't like...who they listen to and who they 

When responding to the question, do you or anyone in your household work in 
the media or affilliated companies......the person answering the phone 
doesn't know what the call is media households are elminated at 
the get-go.

> In any case, my point was not on the polling methods but the flaw of the 
> whole system being based on the honesty of radio and advertising people.
> There is too much money at stake for people not to cheat.

The consequences for cheating....delisting, being reported below the line, 
having valid diary entries deleted has typically been enough of a deterrant.

Plus the thought of never working in the industry again.

It will be interesting to see if Arbitron is done with this....and what 
becomes of Depetro.

Anyway with PPM...the subject is moot in less than a year.

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