Atlantic Coast Radio Changes Confirmed

Dan Billings
Fri Aug 22 21:39:09 EDT 2008

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> not to start an argument with the counselor from Bowdoinham, but I heard
> directly from management sources at other stations in town that the Sox 
> were
> in no way part of the deal.  Matter of fact and a specific example - even 
> if
> Saga took the WEEI package, the Sox were NOT part of it (i was told that
> Saga at least asked about the Sox).

It looks like we were both right.  The Sox would not have moved next year, 
but the likeliehood of losing the Sox when the current contract ended played 
a part in JJ's decision:

>From Al Diamon's media blog:

In addition, the move keeps the Sox games on ACR stations. WEEI's sister 
station WRKO owns the Red Sox radio rights. If WEEI had signed on with 
another Portland broadcast outlet, it's likely the baseball deal would have 
shifted to that station when "Big Jab's" contract ended in 2011. By agreeing 
to carry the Boston programming, ACR is assured of having the rights to 
those games until 2013.

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