Arbitron's sampling methodology is FAR more important than Mr or MrsDePetro's misdeeds

Sid Schweiger
Fri Aug 22 13:50:18 EDT 2008

>>so how do they explain 9 or 10 non-stop hours of listening
to one station when they do not realize the PPM was left on the kitchen
counter next to the small radio that is left "on" during the day to either
keep the household pets company or to give the impression that someone is

If the meter isn't moved, it will discontinue recording whatever it hears after a certain fixed length of time (I believe it's one hour, but I could be mistaken about that).  The meter has to be attached to either clothing or something else a person carries and it can detect movement, even if it's in a lady's purse sitting on the passenger seat of a moving car.  The listening in your scenario won't count, and at night, when the PPM "phones home," the length of time during which it wasn't moved will be reported back to Arbitron.  Too many such periods result in a phone call to the household.

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