Larry Glick

thomas heathwood
Sat Aug 16 01:43:34 EDT 2008

I was an old friend of Larry's and enjoyed doing all-night shows with him about old-time (vintage) radio on  WMEX before he moved to WBZ. He was a very proficient hypnotist too, and worked with a clinical psychologist at one point.  I remember being very impressed one early morning at the end of a WMEX show seeing Larry hypnotize the young college student who was his board technician. The college student was exhausted at the end of the shift and scheduled to attend a class in just a couple of hours.  Larry had him sat down and gave him post-hypnotic suggestions that he was no longer tired and felt as though he had 8 hours sleep.  The student "awakened" alert and refreshed, and was full of energy to face the day.  I was amazed!
Larry's most successful stage show was at a night club at Revere Beach, where he appeared many, many times and did all sorts of amusing
and amazing things using hypnosis.  He enjoys working in Boca Rotan FL for Legal Sea Foods. Will soon be inducted in the MA Radio Hall of Fame.
Tom Heathwood 

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