"Left, right, whatever" talk station gone in D.C.

David Tomm nostaticatall@charter.net
Mon Aug 11 15:41:18 EDT 2008

WTOP is already on 103.5, the former classical WGMS, one of the best  
FM's in the market, along with 103.9 and now will get 107.7 as well.   
They will be heard throughout the market and then some.  1500 is not  
needed anymore.  That signal will now simulcast the Federal News  
Radio format on 830.  3WT was never really given much of a chance.   
After "Washington Post Radio" folded, Bonneville simply put a  
smattering of various syndicated offerings on with little promotion  
or marketing.  It was doomed to fail.

Apparently Bonneville doesn't want the sports rights either, as they  
aren't expected to renew any of the teams currently on 3WT.  They are  
also dropping Tony Kornheiser's two hour local show.  I would assume  
that Redskins owner Dan Snyder will scoop up Kornheiser and the teams  
rights as well, now that he has several signals around the DC area  
programming sports.

-Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On Aug 11, 2008, at 1:51 PM, Keith Lavon wrote:

> I don't think that would make that much sense however as WTOP has  
> plenty of
> coverage with their smattering of FM signals, what would make much  
> more
> sense is to put a sports talker on 1500, they already have the Nats  
> and
> Capitals plus Navy football and GW basketball. There is only one  
> sports talk
> outlet in the city that is syndicated from 6am to 12pm (ESPN 980),  
> then goes
> syndicated after 7pm as well except when they run O's games. I  
> think its
> ready for a sports talker that is local! 1500 is obviously a great  
> signal,
> its the best AM in the DC market, something more that Federal News  
> should be
> on there....
> On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 1:44 PM, Sean Smyth <sean.smyth@yahoo.com>  
> wrote:
>> On Mon, 8/11/08, Bob Nelson <raccoonradio@mail.com> wrote:
>>> Bonneville is dropping talk at its WWWT 1500/107.7 in
>>> Washington D.C. They had tried a mixture of
>>> "left, right and whatever we want" talk but
>>> apparently it's now gone due to a "business
>>> decision".
>>> The station had featured hosts ranging from Randi Rhodes to
>>> Neil Boortz, Stephanie Miller to
>>> Glenn Beck, Tony Kornheiser to Phil Hendrie, and Bill
>>> O'Reilly to Jerry Doyle.
>> So they're really putting all-federal radio WFED on 1500? Why not  
>> put WTOP
>> back on 1500? That would make too much sense.

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