Is What Anne Korin Said True?

A. Joseph Ross
Mon Aug 11 00:42:54 EDT 2008

On 10 Aug 2008 at 14:19, Shawn Mamros wrote:

> I know for a fact there was no such regulation on the books in the
> 1970s, since the new cars my parents bought at the time had AM-only
> radios.
> It also seems a dubious requirement at best - sure, the car has
> a radio, but there's no guarantee the driver's going to have it
> on at all times, right?  (Or that the driver isn't going to be
> listening to CDs or their iPod instead.)  Sounds bogus to me,
> but there are certainly other bogus laws and regulations around...
Could there have been a regulation sometime in the 1970s which 
required all consumer radios to be both AM and FM?  Something like 
the TV all-channel law in the 1960s?  I seem to remember something 
like that was being contemplated.

What I do know is that my 1970 Dodge Dart had an AM-only radio, but 
my parents' 1977 Oldsmobile had an AM-FM radio.  Whether that was 
done because of a Federal regulation or because of increased demand 
for FM, I can't say.  I suspect the latter.

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